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Home Away From Home Doggie Daycare provides a safe, supervised, environment. We have a 600 sq. ft heated indoor play area where your dogs will be able to socialize with other dogs while you are at work or enjoying your vacation.

Our indoor play area offers TV, stereo, futon, chairs, doggy beds and 1/4inch rubber matted flooring that will provide all the comforts of home.






We offer an additional 600sq. ft canine courtyard with a 100sq. ft deck with doggy beds in which your dogs can enjoy the sunshine. This area is used mostly for quiet times and where your dog will be able to get up in the night and relieve themselves; in a safe closed environment. We now have 550 sq. ft of artificial synthetic canine grass specifically designed for doggie daycares.




Beyond the canine courtyard is another additional 9000sq. ft fully fenced in play area where your dog can really break free. Playtime is monitored to prevent any miss understanding between our guest dogs and misbehaving dogs are put in a time out.

Our services include daycare Sunday to Saturday from 8:00am to 6.30pm. As well as overnight sleepovers.

Check-out time for overnight stays is 11.30am the following day. Late fees after 11.30am will be $5/hr. Past the 6.30pm check out time an additional $10 per 30 minutes will be added to your bill.

Due to a cage free environment space is limited. To prevent any disappointment it is important to book your dog two weeks in advance. Dogs that stay for more than one day are required to come to the daycare for evaluation.